What is this thing? (Session 7)

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I have a 7 years old nephew, who can use the Internet perfectly. He can find cartoon videos on YouTube and play video games online. But, when my little nephew saw a VHS videotape some months ago, he asked me amazed and surprised: ”Uncle! What is this thing?!”. At first I was a bit shocked,  but then, I realized that the times have changed a lot, especially during this last decades. We are living the Mass Media development.

This development is called ”Revolution”. When an important new technology appear, it destabilize the existing media industries. Therefore, large corporations based in old technologies fail, and the upstart companies reap enormous profits. And I would apply this development, based on cutthroat competition, on Social Networks.

 Some years ago, MySpace appeared, and everybody was exciting with this new way to be connected and sharing experiences. But then, something new appeared: FaceBook. Why Facebook succeeded? Basically, because is more private than MySpace, and while MySpace is more for youngsters, Facebook is for people of all ages. Also, facebook has an easier usage and people can mix their personal and professional profiles.  Nevertheless, we saw another media development, another revolution, when Twitter appeared few years ago. I think we prefer Twitter because it is easier to use, and because we can just post little sentences, simple emotions that we feel in a concrete moment. Finally, I think that soon will appear another trendy social network that will shake the world.

My conclusion is that new media industries do specialize in giving people what they want, and this is the reason of the development, the cause of so much competition between technology companies, and the reason of why my nephew doesn’t know the VHS videotapes. 



2 thoughts on “What is this thing? (Session 7)

    beatean said:
    October 13, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    This is an adorable post. 🙂
    Media gives us what we want, but still – we keep on complaining about what media has done to our little cute children.They don’t spend all the time in front of a TV with a videotape in, as we did as we were kids, but instead they have this “evil” thing called internet.
    In general, I have really contraversial thoughts when it comes to development. It is always necessary, but it makes us so lazy. When everything gets delivered to you, what can you do on your own? (I am saying this partly because I just started knitting a hat, and it is coming along amazing. I am really happy that I know how to knit, and that is what I am going to teach my children. Even if they can always go online and order one there.) Oh, technology, I will resist.

      ametodieff responded:
      October 13, 2013 at 8:10 pm

      Thank you, Beate!
      Oh, you are knitting, I think that knitting is more useful than finding vieos on Youtube, too! I don’t like neither the fact that children are losing their childhood because of the disturbing effects of technologies, but I also think that we cannot change easily this fact… All that technology that is changing our lives is pure business and people won’t stop ”developing” because the economy system is structured so. But I think we can still do something, control how much time our children are exposed to technologies and, as you said, teach them useful things like knitting! 😉

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